Welcome to the first official episode of "The Ladder." Great new content coming your way, starting with this first installment.

#65 Keep it Simple

In today's episode, I discuss the benefits of using the K.I.S.S. Principle. Today's episode marks the final episode of "Success Weekly." Beginning in ...View Details

In today's episode, I take you inside a typical martial arts lesson at our school. I break down each of the 3 core values taught in our program each a...View Details

In this episode I discuss the importance of apologizing when we make mistakes (and making up for it), forgiving others, and trying to understand other...View Details

#62- Check Your Work

I this episode, I discuss the importance of checking (and rechecking) your work!

#61- Dress for Success

In this episode, I talk about the importance of dressing for success.

In this episode, I give several examples of things that successful people will do that unsuccessful people won't. Enjoy!

I Did you know that being thankful for the little things you have in your life can make you more successful? Listen in as I give several examples from...View Details

An often overlooked area of achieving success.

In this episode, I share my insights on how to build any organization.

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